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We specialize in high-performance Electronic Truck Scales made from robust mechanical components wired together with high-calibre electronics. The capacity available ranges from 5 MT to 250 MT.

Capacity Platform Interval
30 MT 7M X 3M 5 Kg.
50 MT 9M X 3M 5 Kg.
60 MT 16M X 3M 10 Kg.
80 MT 18M X 3M 10 Kg.
100 MT 20M X 3M 20 Kg.
150 MT 20M X 3.5M 20 Kg.
200 MT 20M X 4.5M 20 Kg.
250 MT 20M X 5M 25 Kg.

Electronic Truck Scale - components

Load Cell      Indicator RTM 101     Junction Box     Software