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Automated Weighing

Unlike High-capacity or Precision weighing and measurement equipment, which entail static weighing of material, Automated weighing and measurement solutions are dynamic and integrated systems that automatically queue and load material for the purpose of weighing, before passing it onto the next stage of production. Automated weighing solutions are an integral part of assembly-line processes. we are preferred manufactuer, supplier, exporter of automated weighing equipments.

• Batching

• Rapid Loading System

• Conveyor Weighing

• Check Weigher

• Weigh Feeder

High-capacity Weighing

High-capacity weighing and measurement solutions involve weighing of high-tonnage cargo or material - in trucks, containers or rail wagons; on-site or off-site; processed by hoppers, stored in tanks, or transferred by crane. we are preferred manufactuer, supplier, exporter of high capacity weighing equipments.

• Electronic Truck Scale

• Tank / Hopper Weighing

• Axle Scale

• Rail Weighbridge

• Mobile Weighbridge

• Crane Scale

Precision Weighing

Precision weighing and measurement solutions have to do with relatively smaller weights. These find use in workshops, stores, laboratories, even homes. They range from low-to-high accuracy categories. we are preferred manufactuer, supplier, exporter of precision weighing equipments.

• Lysimeter

• Retail Scale

• Platform Scale

• Counting Scale

• Jewellery Scale

• Hanging Scale

• Analytical Balance