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Weigh Feeder Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter of Weigh Feeder

The weigh feeders provide accurate and dependable performance combining the simplicity and cleanliness of a vibratory conveyor with robust weighing capabilities. With only one mobile part, these weigh feeders are compact in design and occupies too little space as compared to other heavy duty weigh feeders, but with equal productivity.

The weighing system, a separate variable output metering device, is typically a rotational weighing mechanism, attached directly to product supply, feeds

material into the top inlet of the weigh feeder within which the slowly rotating constant speed weigh the product uninterruptedly. Material is then discharged through the bottom outlet of the weigh feeder, which is directly (or vertically) in line with its inlet.

The weigh feeders utilize exclusive counter balanced weighing system, equipped with ratio metric digital weigh resolver for superior weight sensing and trouble free long term operation.