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Check Weigher Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter of Check Weigher

This highly accurate in-motion weigh and accept/reject equipment is offered with several weight indicator and line speed options. Unlike other check weighers, it is specially engineered to withstand the rigors of heavy use in a washdown environment.

• Heavy-duty stainless steel construction.

• Built with environmental protection of key components.

• Designed for wash-down environments.

• Stainless steel construction stands up to harsh plant environments.

• Environmentally protected key components reduces the need for maintenance and increases part longevity.

• Wash-down safe construction outlasts other products.

• Tension and compression overload stops on load cells improves accuracy.

• Password protected user settings to improve efficiency and reduce operator mistakes.

• Easy-to-read on-screen totals for over and under, make reporting more efficient.

• Automatic rejection of over and under products reduces manual labor for better production efficiency and labor dollar savings.

• Unattended, accurate and rapid operation increases production throughput of multiple products.